The Multilift

With more than 25 years’ experience in manufacturing motors, Lemac is proud to introduce a cost-effective and versatile solution for various lifting applications, the Lemac Multilift.

  • No engineer required
  • No significant structural work
  • No electrician required
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Rack and pinion reliability
  • Provides multiple lifting solutions
  • Works even in a power cut
residential goods lift
commercial goods lift
kitchen food lift
kitchen goods lift
restaurant goods lift
hotel goods lift
guesthouse goods lift
multilift goods lift

What do I get with my Multilift?

The core component set comprises:

  • A two-piece 5 metre rail with rack and pinion track
  • 4 x wall fixing brackets
  • Wiring and call/send button assembly
  • Motor carriage assembly
  • Horizontal mounting bracket
  • External battery pack and power supply
  • Easy-to-follow Installation instructions
The Lemac Multilift

The Multilift core component set is intended to be enclosed, and it is the responsibility of the installer to enclose the multilift in a suitable manner, at all times making sure to comply with local building regulations.

Multiple lifting solutions from a single product

  • Kitchen/hotel/guesthouse environments
  • Garage or mezzanine building applications
  • Residential through-floor applications

No longer is there any need for expensive goods lift installations, which can cost tens of thousands of pounds. The Lemac Multilift is a simple and customisable ‘core component set’ which serves as the foundation for whatever application you require.

Simply install the vertical rail system to a wall, attach the motor carriage and plug it in! The Multilift comes with all the wiring you need and features a separately contained rechargeable battery pack, meaning it will continue to work in the event of a power cut.

Once installed, the included mounting bracket enables you to add further components to your Multilift – from a simple shelf or platform for raising and lowering items, to a fully enclosed ‘dumbwaiter’ style housing… it really is up to you.

The Lemac Multilift

Dumbwaiter option kit

For an additional cost we can supply a full door and housing kit if required, to make your multilift into a dumb waiter. This additional kit comprises:

  • Satin black powder coated mild steel internal box
  • Removable stainless steel shelf and tray
  • Complete set of inner sliding doors
  • Complete set of outer sliding doors
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions
The Lemac Multilift Dumb Waiter Option Kit
The Lemac Multilift


The Multilift 50

  • Multilift core component set
  • Powder coated mounting bracket
  • Additional protective carriage housing
  • Keyswitch on/off control
  • Integrated support shelf
  • Remote control - no need for wired call stations
  • Easy-to-follow Installation instructions

Note: Multilift 50 is not suitable for enclosing.

The Lemac Multilift 50

How safe is it?

Because the Lemac Multilift is based on our proven stairlift technology, it comes as no surprise that it meets the same high safety standards. The Multilift features an ‘overspeed governer’, which means that it will stop immediately in the unlikely event that the motor fails.

If you choose to leave the Multilift open and not enclose it in a bespoke lift shaft* then, as with any mechanical equipment with moving parts, it is important to observe all necessary safety precautions.

Rack and pinion technology means there are no complicated or temperamental hydraulic systems involved The separately enclosed control system and battery pack means you have quick and easy access in the event of any required maintenance.

*Note: Multilift 50 is not suitable for enclosing.

Why is the multilift so affordable?

Because Lemac’s tried and trusted technology is so reliable, requiring only minimal maintenance, it made sense for each Multilift core component set to be assembled primarily from recycled or remanufactured components. This not only protects our environment by reducing the need for perfectly serviceable components to be scrapped and new ones manufactured, it also saves money – a saving we can pass on to you.

Lifting systems similar to the Multilift can often cost many thousands of pounds, but because of the way the Lemac Multilift is manufactured from repurposed components, we can offer it for sale at a low cost.

Lemac Multilifts
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*It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer to ensure that all adequate safety precautions are taken when installing and using the Multilift. While the Lemac Multilift requires no significant structural work and electrician when installing; it must be mounted securely to the wall using adequate fixings, and the surface upon which it is mounted must be suitable for installation. Multilift is designed to carry inanimate objects only.

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