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The core component kit and the multilift 50 can carry up to 100Kg; 220lbs, or 15.7 stone*

The complete dumbwaiter kit is able to carry up to 50Kg in weight; 110lbs, or 7.8 stone

*The core kit and multilift 50 have a duty cycle that is relative to the weight of load being transported. Therefore, increased load and/or continuous operation will reduce the time required between charges.

The multilift has two stops, so will serve 2 floors maximum. For example, if you install the multilift on the ground floor, it will also serve the first floor.

The multilift comes with a 2-piece 5 metre rail; this is enough length to serve 2 floors of a typical residential building.

Absolutely not. The multilift is designed to carry inanimate objects only, as a goods lift; and is NOT suitable for carrying persons or animals.

As standard, the rail consists of 2 x 2.5m lengths. If you require a shorter rail length, this has to be manufactured as a special order, and will incur additional delivery time. Longer rail lengths are also manufactured as a special order, and will also incur additional delivery time; but will also incur an additional cost at £100 per metre.

The multilift has been designed so that you can build your own enclosure around it, but this is entirely up to you. You may want to enclose your multilift to make it more aesthetically appealing, depending upon the environment you are installing it in. It also depends on the type of multilift you purchase. If you choose the full dumbwaiter kit, then you will need to provide a suitable enclosure in order for the outer door system to be properly installed. Note: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that any installation complies with local building regulations, and that necessary health and safety procedures are adhered to.

Note: Multilift 50 is not suitable for enclosing.

The multilift has been designed to be a cost-effective simple self-installation solution, therefore Lemac do not offer an installation service. Lemac do provide full installation instructions and technical support should you encounter a problem. Please visit the Contact Us page for details on how to get in touch should you need to.

The multilift features a variety of safety features including an overspeed governor, which acts as a stopping mechanism if the multilift travels beyond its rated speed of 0.15m/s. The multilift also features a bottom safety edge which brings the lift to a halt if it encounters an obstruction. Because the lift runs on batteries, it will also continue to operate during the event of a power cut, reducing the risk of the lift getting stuck between floors. In addition, the use of an external control box and diagnostic tool makes maintenance much easier, with little need to access any lift shaft.

To install the core component kit and the Multilift 50, we recommend a minimum width of 300mm, and a minimum depth of 600mm. If you are installing the full dumbwaiter kit and enclosing it, you will require a minimum shaft dimension of 760mm x 760mm to accommodate the outer door assembly.

The dumbwaiter housing (internal box assembly) is 800mm high x 500mm width x 450mm depth and features a removable mid shelf.

The dumbwaiter internal box assembly is manufactured from 1.2mm mild steel, powder coated satin black, with a removable stainless steel mid shelf and tray.
The internal and external door assemblies are manufactured from 1mm 304 Grade stainless steel.

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Electromagnetic compatibility directive 2014/30/EU
Low voltage directive 2014/35/EU

The multilift is manufactured to the following standards:


EN55014-2:2015; EN55014-1:2016 +A1:2009, A2:2011; EN61000-3-2:2014; EN61000-3-3:2013; EN301 489.1 V2.1.1; EN301 489-3 V2.1.1; EN55032:2015


2014/35/EU; EN ISO14120:2015; EN61558-2-6:2009; EN61558:2005 +A1:2009; EN12015:2014

Other Standards:

BS EN60204-1:2006;

The final fire rating of the multilift is dependent upon how and whether you choose to enclose it, taking into account the properties and fire rating of the materials you choose.

The multilift has been designed for self-install in a wide variety of establishments; including restaurants, factories, garages etc; and residential homes. If you choose the core component kit then it can be customised to suit many applications.

No, in addition to having been designed for DIY self-install; the multilift has been engineered to fit between standard timber joists to maintain structural integrity. As long as the multilift is attached to a suitable supporting wall using adequate fixings, the installation process is quite straightforward. Note: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that any installation complies with local building regulations, and that necessary health and safety procedures are adhered to.

The multilift has been designed for DIY self-install; so we are able to keep selling costs to a minimum. Also, because Lemac’s tried and trusted technology is so reliable, requiring only minimal maintenance, it made sense for the multilift to be assembled primarily from recycled or remanufactured components. This not only protects our environment by reducing the need for perfectly serviceable components to be scrapped and new ones manufactured, it also saves money – a saving we can pass on to you.

The multilift has been designed for DIY self-install, and is provided with a complete set of installation instructions. As long as you have basic DIY knowledge, and the required tools, installation is quite straightforward. Simply install the vertical rail to a suitable supporting wall, attach the motor carriage, and with a simple wiring procedure, connect the power supply and diagnostic board. The multilift will run from a domestic power socket, so a three-phase power supply is not necessary. Note: It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that any installation complies with local building regulations, and that necessary health and safety procedures are adhered to.

The multilift is set to a speed of 0.15m/s

Lemac is a world leader in electric motor manufacture, with more than 25 years’ experience, and has been manufacturing at its factory in Haddington, East Lothian, since 1958. Lemac is also a pioneer in global recycling; promoting and incorporating a circular economy model in all component and final production, at all stages of the product life cycle; starting from initial concept and design. The multilift is based on Lemac’s pioneering stairlift technology, so reliability is guaranteed.

The core component kit is essentially a ‘skeleton kit’ which offers more scope for customisation, and is supplied with two push-button call stations. The multilift 50 is remote control, and features a protective carriage cover and integrated support shelf.

The core component kit comes with two wired push-button call stations; one for each floor. The multilift 50 has no call stations, but is supplied with an up/down remote control handset.

All multilifts come with a 12-month warranty as standard in the UK, so customers have the assurance that if any component fails within that time, Lemac will provide replacement parts, or a complete replacement unit if necessary. Warranties for European and overseas products may differ, please ask for details. Extended warranties are available if required.

For UK deliveries, please allow 3 working days for delivery, except in the case of custom orders. For overseas orders, please allow longer delivery times.

We are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Thursday; and 9am – 4pm Friday.

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*It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer to ensure that all adequate safety precautions are taken when installing and using the Multilift. While the Lemac Multilift requires no significant structural work and electrician when installing; it must be mounted securely to the wall using adequate fixings, and the surface upon which it is mounted must be suitable for installation. Multilift is designed to carry inanimate objects only.

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