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Lemac Modular Access Technology

Lemac are one of the world leaders in motor and associated technology manufacture with more than 25 years’ experience.

But did you know that Lemac is also a world leader in recycling technology?

It is from this singular capability that the Lemac Multilift was born. In the quest to provide a truly versatile multiple lifting solution, it made sense to use remanufactured parts, instead of ‘re-inventing the wheel’. This practical and common-sense approach delivers significant savings in time and cost, which can be to be passed to you, the customer.

All remanufactured components are rigorously tested and inspected. Although they deliver a substantial cost saving to the end-user, they are no less reliable and of comparable quality to a like-for-like new component. Add to this 25 years of manufacturing expertise, and we can guarantee that your Lemac Multilift will be reliable and beneficial in whatever way you choose to use it.

It’s easy as 1…2…3

1. Choose your configuration

Aside from the core component set, the Lemac Multilift offers a variety of additional options depending on your required application.

2. Install the core component set

No significant structural work, and no electrician needed. Simply install and plug in. Depending on the chosen setting, you may need to make an opening the in floor/ceiling for the Multilift to pass through, but it is designed to fit between standard timber joists to maintain structural integrity.

3. Enhance and enclose your Multilift

Depending on your application and environment, you may choose to leave your Multilift open or to enclose it and add a decorative door system.

Note: Multilift 50 is not suitable for enclosing.

Lemac Multilifts
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*It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer to ensure that all adequate safety precautions are taken when installing and using the Multilift. While the Lemac Multilift requires no significant structural work and electrician when installing; it must be mounted securely to the wall using adequate fixings, and the surface upon which it is mounted must be suitable for installation. Multilift is designed to carry inanimate objects only.

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